Can I order TreePans in different colors?

We currently offer 4 standard colors of TreePans.
1) Chocolate Brown
2) Terracotta
3) Charcoal
4) Forest Green

We have the ability to accommodate additional colors upon request. MOQ 150 units.

Can I weed eat up against TreePans?

Yes, TreePans were built to be able to withstand the use of weed eaters against the beveled edge to better protect trees than current industry solutions.

How long should TreePans be left on the tree?

We suggest you leave TreePans on your tree to aid in the establishment for 3 years.
When speaking with arborists and industry professionals, 3 years is most common for the amount of time a tree may need additional watering or support!

Do TreePans expand on their own?

Yes, TreePans have the ability to expand with the growth of the tree.
That being said, it is our suggestion that as you work, mow, and check on your trees, ensure that the doors have not been blocked by any grass, twigs, or other materials that could stop its movement.

Do I take TreePans off in the winter?

TreePans are meant to be used year round. You can remove TreePans when you feel your tree is established, or you have a new tree you’d like to support!

How much water do TreePans hold?

If you are interested in slowly disseminating water to the root system, we have developed a water reservoir that holds water and captures rainfall to disseminate over 5 gallons of water to the root system of trees! ‚Äč
If interested in this adaptation please reach out to a team member.

Will TreePans withstand wind?

Yes, TreePans will withstand up to 65mph winds.

Do TreePans work with irrigation?

Yes, TreePans have been used with all different types of irrigation.

Do TreePans work with Berries? Citrus? Avacado?


Many organic farmers are turning to TreePans to eliminate weed growth around their trees and berries. With the use of TreePans, the dome design blocks sunlight around the base of your plant eliminating competition for water from grass and weeds.

Do TreePans work in freezing temperatures?


TreePans have been field tested and perform great through all seasons, that means no more removing and replacing tree care products with the change in seasons.

What kind of trees can benefit from TreePans?


TreePans work with the majority of trees planted as long as they are planted correctly with caliper ranging from 1 inch in diameter up to 1 foot. Again, TreePans were designed to benefit early establishing trees – up to the first 5 years after planting.

Do I need tools?

TreePans were designed to be assembled with no tools. We envisioned our users being students, volunteers, and others. We didn’t want our users to have to fumble with screws, nuts, or any type of fasteners. TreePans connect by aligning tongue and groove and snaps together in seconds.
You can find assembly instructions on our download page.

How do I remove TreePans?

In the same fashion as you assemble TreePans, no tools are required. Simply unsnap the 4 sections from each other and move on to the next tree planting!

Where do you put the mulch?

TreePans were created to replace the need and use of mulch. To allow all the water to make its way to the root zone of the tree and not absorbed into mulch.