Illinois Arborist Association


This past week we had the opportunity to meet, converse, and do business with some of Illinois’ premier landscapers and leaders in the forestry and arbor community.


We traveled to Tinley Park IL, where we exhibited for two days from inside the Tinley Park Convention Center. Being 1 of 36 exhibitors this was both a productive and intimate way to for to converse with the hundreds of attendees.


We met tree climbers, maintenance crews, foresters, city officials, and everyone in between. People from different backgrounds with differing beliefs on tree care and maintenance, but two consistent themes were evident.

  1. Cities are lessoning the resources to replant trees

  2. There hasn’t been a product that can adequately protect trees…. until now.


Up until this point many landscapers and foresters in the area have been planting their trees with the hope that they will live for more than two years. Stating that mechanical damage is killing (at times) 50% of the trees they plant in any given year and the more troubling part is that those people who are damaging trees are sometimes members of their own crews.


“People just get careless… they know better, but are so rushed to finish the job and move on that they get too close and hurt the tree”

– Attendee and Parks Manager


What TreePans ultimately do for your trees is increase survivability – plain and simple.


If trees are dying young (for reasons we can ultimately protect against) and cities are spending thousands of dollars to replant those trees, why wouldn’t we take a more active approach in the protection or trees and decrease mortality rates of trees!


In a recent conversation with President of Alliance of Community Trees Dana Krucher said, “people are starting to understand that no longer are we as interested in the number of trees we are planting, but the number of trees that are surviving long enough to make a difference!”


This is the primary reason we received the overwhelming support and praise while at the IAA Conference and Trade Show, because people are tired of trees dying and not being able to adequately protect them in the field. provide trees with protection from mechanical damage, whether it be weed whackers, lawn mowers, soil compaction, or others, TreePans protect the base of your tree – while at the same time increasing productivity of your crews. Some attendees were pointing towards the cost savings cities and crews can accrue with an increase in productivity!

“Imagine how quickly they (the crew) could work, if they didn’t need to slow down for trees.” – Landscape Maintenance Manager.


Many others spoke of issues with competitive watering mechanisms and were very interested in the update that TreePans will receive at the end of this year – a water reservoir capable of holding, colleting, and leeching over 5 gallons of water to the root ball of trees.

Attendees were comparing and contrasting the features of to commonly known water bags, talking about issues in quality, usage, damage, and theft.



For this was yet another show and exhibition where we were encouraged and supported that we are on the right path to helping people protect their trees and grow their canopy programs. We had a great show season and are ready to finish strong next month in Indianapolis for the Partners in Community Forestry Conference! – If you will be attending or in the area, please reach out as we would love to meet and share with you all the benefits that TreePans have to offer!