Installation is a snap!

More times than not, the reason behind innovation is to create a quicker, simpler, or more efficient way of doing something. Innovation comes with the conservation of time and resources or at least that was the thinking was behind the design of TreePans.

TreePans were made with the end user in mind, designed to be installed in the field, with no additional tools other than your own two hands. (4) quarter panels all designed and manufactured with the same specifications for ease of assembly. You simply align the panels and SNAP them together, repeat twice, and close the expandable doors around the base of your tree and you’re finished!



Take a second to close your eyes and think of someone planting a tree…. Some of you might have seen a well-trained arborist, but many of you might have seen yourself, or your neighbors who seem to always be “sticking something in their yard,” or children from the local middle school, but for the majority of these examples the short answer is volunteers.

In our opinion, a successful tree planting can be determined by answering three questions. 1) Did the trees make it in the ground? 2) Are the trees healthy, safe, and protected? And 3) did our volunteers have a good time and do we think they will return to help again?

PRO TIP: Take care of your volunteers, you know you need them. (And maybe buy some pizza… pizza always helps!)

When designing TreePans, we made sure to do it in a way that any volunteer, no matter age or prior tree planting experience could assemble a TreePan; and in doing so better protect their trees.

Our R&D department has worked tirelessly with our manufacturers and plastics suppliers to ensure that we are using the best quality recycled plastic to provide our customers with a quality product, able to last in the elements, while being environmentally conscious!

Coming out of this past weekend with several installations complete, we heard one consistent comment, “Wow that was easy.”

No tools necessary, 8 snaps and complete in under a minute.

No fumbling with stakes.

No lifting shovels.

No unrolling tarps or fencing.

And certainly no wasted time.

It seems that talking about something is not near as powerful as seeing it in person, or better yet, assembling a few TreePans for yourself. We are fortunate to be able to speak with different people each and every day who are trying to improve their communities, cities, and environment by planting hundreds if not thousands of trees annually; we want to make their process easier. It is a very fun experience to see the look on people’s faces when assembling TreePans, as if they thought it would be a complicated process. As inventor Bill Brown has often said, “We’re not launching a rocket here” and it’s true. We started with simple, we have accomplished what we set out to do, and now we want to change the way you and your city plant and protect trees!

If you know anyone involved with tree planting (BIG or small) we ask that you spread the word and share how TreePans can make protecting their trees a snap.

Assembly and Installation of TreePans


Congratulations on your purchase of TreePans! You are now well on your way to retaining moisture and protecting your young and newly planted trees!

  1. First, gather (4) quarter panels of the pan and their (4) corresponding doors. [Each door and quarter panel is manufactured with the same specifications for ease of assembly.]

  1. Next, take (2) quarter panels and join them first at the smaller end and then the back clips located closer to the com-beveled edge. Once these two pieces have been assembled they will be referred to as a half-moon.

  1. Repeat step 2

  1. Add your doors by aligning the rounded edge closest to the trunk of your tree. Next, you will align the 4 holes in the door with the corresponding clasps on the TreePan and slide each door down to the base of your tree or trunk.

  1. Now, you will take your two half-moon sections and connect each around the base of your young / newly planted tree. Again, start by connecting the clips closest to the small end and work your way towards the com- beveled edge. If installing around a tree on a hillside, align the TreePans with the logo on the outer edge facing downhill to help prevent the water run-off.

  1. Once the entire TreePan is secured around the base of your tree we encourage you to dig or rotate your TreePan into the loose soil 2” or up to the line located on the outer edging of the

  1. Congratulations, your tree is now sa