Top 3 Questions About TreePans

Your Questions Answered!

Throughout our travels, trade shows, and conversations with many people interested in using TreePans, there are consistently 3 questions that we are asked about TreePans, from durability to moisture retention. We are currently developing a FAQ page for the website where you will be able to have the majority of your questions answered in a matter of minutes, the most important one being “WHERE CAN I BUY?” 

However, until that page is up and running we wanted to share with you these top 3 questions we are asked and answer them for you here!

If we put theses in our parks what happens if children step in the TreePans?

Answer:  Once installed, TreePans are extremely durable. We have demonstrated their durability by having grown men stand on the TreePans without causing any damage. (Pictured is Ben, 6’4″ 220lbs)


TreePans also provide protection from mechanical damage such as mowers and weed eaters. Despite their durability we do caution that running over the TreePan with heavy equipment may cause damage. In addition to their protection, TreePans do not have harmful effects to trees like some other tree guards. Be sure you are not causing more harm to your trees and check out this post from our friends at CLC Tree Service.

How long will TreePans last?

Answer: TreePans are molded with a recyclable, 10 year UV plastic with anti-warp additives and are resistance to common agricultural chemicals. TreePans were designed to provide protection and retain moisture in newly planted trees during the first 2-3 years of development. TreePans are intended to be removed and reused after the trees are established so eventually your organization will have an inventory for future plantings. 


We would also like to take the time to mention our partners EPI Plastics from Excelsior Springs MO, for making us a quality product right here in the United States!

Check out how easily you can assemble TreePans! 

How much water does the TreePan hold?

Answer: The advantage of the TreePan is that all available water is funneled to the root system including the water typically absorbed by mulch. Our funnel testing shows that over 50% more moisture makes its way  to the young trees and that the moisture is retained our dome design up to 13 days longer.  We have listened to customer feedback and are adding a water tray (reservoir) feature to our TreePans that will slowly disperse over 5 gallons of water.  

We hope that we were able to answer some of your own questions with this post! If not, we encourage you to reach out personally so we may answer any questions you may have about how you can start better protecting and watering your trees using TreePans!

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