An Updated Solution to an Age Old Issue

Tree Guard by TreePans:

Until the last decade or two, trees big and small have had to fend for themselves. Warding off pests, rodents, humans, and fast whipping mechanical death machines….. otherwise known as weed whippers and lawn mowers.


At some point people get tired of losing their trees, I imagine the conversation went something like…. 

“hey, maybe we can put something around our trees to better protect them…. from…. well, US!” 


Today, it is not unlikely to hear that mortality rates in cities and parks can range between 10-50% with the second biggest reason being damage to the base of trees. This following lack of water. 


As all great ideas start, the idea of tree guards started simple and cheap and that is what most people have used to date, primarily because there were not a whole lot of options. Until now! 


They go by many names; tree protectors, shelters, arbor guards, tree guards, tubes, supports, and more… But they all only accomplish 1 issue. Protecting the bark of the tree from small rodents, deer, mowers, and weed whippers. Often times you will see simple plastic drainage piping wrapped around the trunk, or mesh spiraling up the base of the tree. There is one glaring problem with both of these options, they lead to girdling of the tree when owners or maintenance workers forget to remove them…. thus, killing the tree you’ve worked so hard to establish and grow. 


We have great pictures and examples of girdling trees in our other post. Click Here! 


If this has been yet another reason for the loss of trees, than why hasn’t it been addressed?


We were concerned with this error when designing TreePans and wanted to be sure that our product, no matter how long it was left on, would not harm the growth of the tree.

 We wanted to create a product that could protect the trunk, not be as hard on the eyes, and expand with the growth of the tree, so you could remove the product when you wanted to!

So that is exactly what we did! 


TreePans EXPAND with the growth of your tree with its patented door system. Collapsing to 1″inch in diameter and expanding up to 12″ inches, TreePans encompass most tree planting projects! 


TreePans are helping growers, arborists, hobby farmers and others to PROTECT their trees from mechanical damage and human error. By focusing on the base of the tree we were able to accomplish 2 things. 1) Remove the noticeable plastic aesthetic which was climbing up the tree for everyone to see, and 2) create a buffer zone away from the base of the tree. By imitating a mulch ring, TreePans keep people, animals, mowers and machinery away from the root zone of the tree, therefore reducing the amount of soil compaction around the root system! 




One of the first questions we get when talking about the durability of our TreePans as tree guards is, “how does it stand up to weed whackers and mower decks?” 

We love to show people, and seeing is believing, so check out our video here! 


We wanted to create a durable product that would last. That is why we chose an HDPE recyclable plastic with a 10yr U.V. standard. All TreePans are made in the USA with our partners in Excelsior Springs MO. 


We also wanted our product to be simple to assemble. We didn’t want parts and pieces that would get lost in the grass or end up needing tools to tighten. We chose to design our TreePans to be assembled with no tools necessary! 

Below you can download TreePans assembly instructions to see just how easy it is. 




For the past few years we have focused on the water retention benefits of TreePans, but through talking with customers and interested people passing our booths, we often find that watering is not the biggest issue. Trees will get watered, one way or another, whether a bag, a pan, a berm, or a watering can…. the issue is protection. So why not do both? 

TreePans are the only product that can both water and protect your trees in one easy to use product that can stay out all year long. There are many benefits to TreePans and we hope to include more blog posts in the future to address them all! 

You can find more information on TreePans on our website, as well as social media @treepans 


We are always willing to talk further. IF you have a specific question about our products feel free to email 



First and foremost, thank you for reading this far… 

Second, thank you for taking an interest in protecting your trees with tree guards. 

Finally, we hope that you consider TreePans in your next tree planting or maintenance work. We know you won’t regret it, so if you are willing to try, we are willing to help! 

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